Monday, September 3, 2012

First Week in the Books!

Week 1. Done and done.

I can't even describe to you how much I am loving my school, my students (well, most of them), and my job.

Just like the first day, this week went so smoothly! I don't want to jinx myself, and I hope this positive momentum keeps going.

While I wanted to take more pics this week, the only thing I managed to capture was my daily outfit. So, here's a play-by-play illustrated by mostly outfits.

Tuesday- first day of school- hand out syllabus, introduce myself, take care of school-related housekeeping stuff.
Yea, you've seen this. I still really like this outfit.

Wednesday- 5th period and 7th period showed their true colors. Looks like these are my problem classes. Also my biggest. Should be fun. The desks went from groups of 3 back into rows, which has helped cut down on chatty-ness and attitude problems.

Managed to cut my head off. But, the sleeveless top was a good call with the heat. And, the crocs totally beat Tuesday's heels.
Someone told me once that accessorizing would make me look older. This is what I managed.
 Thursday- less talking problems, and some good work got done. Starting to feel the rhythm of the day.
Loved this outfit. Made me feel mature, and it was pretty cool and comfy all day.
 Friday- a fun day at school, compete with a last period pep rally. And temperatures that had me literally sweating all day.
We're allowed to dress down a little on Fridays, but with the temperatures, I opted for a light dress to help keep me cool. 
We've got another 4-day week ahead of us. So nice! And it's time to get into some real instruction and new material. Ready to take it head on!

Here's to keeping up the positive momentum!

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