Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall Goals

In college, I made goals for every quarter. I continued this in the summer. Probably, because it didn't really feel like college was over.

Now, though, that I haven't moved back to Athens, and have a week and a half of my big-girl job, it has sunk in. This is it. Life. For the next 35 or so years.

It's cool. I totally love this life.

So, I think I am going to keep writing out goals seasonally. It works for me. A month doesn't give me enough time to feel like I am achieving what I set my mind to, but isn't so long that I forget about them.

Might as well keep the ball rolling. So, without further ado...

Fall Quarter Goals

1. Keep on top of my lesson planning.
I am definitely an over-planner. I try to have all my materials and plans figured out for next week by Thursday of this week. This helps me to keep the curriculum in sight, have more time when I'm at home at night, and make sure the print shop at my school (who does all the copying, we don't have a central copier) has time to et all the copies run off way ahead of time. I know that keeping up with this is going to be the key to my sanity as the year progresses.

2. Work out 4 times a week.
Again, a way to preserve my sanity. Running has really been a head-clearing activity for me, and I don't want to lose it. I have been missing a good gym work out, though, so when the $$ finally starts rolling in, I think I am going to suck it up and by a gym membership. I usually take 2 rest days, but I know that as things pick up, unexpected rest days might pop up. So, I'm being forgiving and allowing myself that.  

3. Make 3 new friends in my new city.
Now that I have finally started working, I have been introduced to a huge family of amazing people. And, finally, I have a bit of a social life again. Albeit, it's all entirely work-related. I can see a couple that will definitely become friends, but I won't really count that until we hang out outside of school stuff. Maybe I can even mooch off their friends and make even more!

I've got a ton on my plate with right now as I cannonball into my first year of teaching. So, I won't bog myself down with too many goals. I think if I get these under my belt, I'll be on my way to a great year!

Here's to making it happen!


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