Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Joining the Party!

I thought that on my 3rd attempt at the blog thing, I just had to wiggle my way into my favorite weekly party. I am so thankful that it falls on Wednesdays, my one day of no classes for the week.
Much needed study breaks = perfect time to check out some awesome eats!
I know it's not much to look, yet, but I didn't think it was fair to my little baby blog to leave it out of the partay!! Plus, as part of my new, healthier perspective, I'm not letting fear of not measuring up keep me from joining in on things I love. Besides, it's not about comparison anyway, right Jenn? 
So, here we go with WIAW #1!
I tend to be the ultimate grazer. Literally, I eat every 2 or 3 hours. I think it stems from the digestion issues I used to deal with (no more since switching to a vegan!). I just hated the feeling of being overly full, and eating every few hours seems to work for me. It keeps my energy up, and I just love eating, so I get to enjoy one of my favorite activities more often during the day. That being said, there is no way I could photograph everything I eat, but here is most of what a regular day looks like.

7:00: wake up and off to the gym
I love to sweat it out first thing in the morning. SO energizing!
9:00ish: Breakfast.
Best meal of the day, and almost ALWAYS oatmeal.
Today's mix: oat bran, tons of blueberries, flax and cinnamon, topped with AB, and later some granola for some crrrrunch.

10-12: Class (Spanish Linguistics, super hard, but interesting! Probs my fave this quarter)

12:30ish: Lunch
Excuse the blurry iPhone pic: "tostadas" a.k.a. wheat sandwich thin with spicy black bean puree, tomatoes, and Daiya mozz made melty under the broiler; avocado and salsa for dippage; carrots and cukes.
2-5:00: class
Obviously, I can't make it through 3 hours of class without snacks.
Today's choice: Smore's luna bar and an apple (I'm not afraid to be a loud muncher in class) and mucho agua.
7:00ish: Dinner
Big a$$ plate of kale (sauteed with onions and salsa); zapped sweet potato topped with white beans and covered in more salsa.
9:30: snack
After a night of meetings (Spanish Club, and the OU Council for Teachers of Mathematics), it was time for a night cap.
Chocolate oats! Much more scrumptious than they look. Oats, cocoa powder, stevia, almond milk, topped with strawberries.
And, off to bed, just to wake up and do it again. I will definitely be having more oats for breakfast. Once every 12 hours? Seems reasonable to me!

Much Love,


  1. haha totally a grazer too! =) everyso often i'll eat 3 big meals but snacking on mini meals all day and snacks and such is my norm!

    happy wiaw!!!!

  2. Oats don't always look good, but they sure do taste good!