Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Moving Forward

Last night, my roommate, Rebecca interviewed me for an upcoming post on her fantastic blog, Keep Moving Forward.

Reb and me all dolled up for a wedding last summer. Isn't she gorgeous?
She wanted to know how my big decision to transition to a vegan diet has affected my life. We had an awesome conversation about self-reflection and the process of pulling yourself out of the depths of a tough time in your life.

It made me think about and reflect on everything I have been through recently. I will discuss it in a later post when I am ready. I don't quite feel like I have the words for it right now.

What I do know - and what the convo with Reb revealed to me even more - is that I am truly beginning to accept all parts about myself. I have gone through this journey of self-realization in the past few months, and I am so proud of the woman I have become.

In the past, I have had a tendency to make decisions and, essentially, live for the happiness of the people around me. Be it family, friends, or most-likely boyfriends, their happiness always came before mine.

Well, not any more. It's time for me to step up, be an adult, and figure out how to live and create the life that I want and that I deserve. For myself. For once in my life. I am being selfish, and I am completely ok with it. No, I am ecstatic about it.

In the interview, Reb asked me if I have a mantra or phrase that I use to motivate myself or get me through rough times. She, herself, has been through some life-changing things in the past few years, and "Keep Moving Forward" is the phrase that she uses.

Maybe it was because I was just chatting with one of my besties, but I actually revealed to her the thing that I repeat to myself almost daily. After every journal entry (like a paper journal that I write in with my hands and a pen. Old fashioned, I know. But, it makes me feel better when anxiety strikes), I write these four lines, take a deep breath, and I am ready to move on. They remind me that the priority in my life is me, my health and my happiness. That I deserve to love myself before anyone else.

Respect Yourself
Accept Yourself
Forgive Yourself
Love Yourself

So, I leave you with those words. Check out Reb's blog. She is an inspiration. I'll definitely link up when she posts my interview.

Do you have any mantras or phrases that inspire or motivate you?


  1. It is an important lesson to realize that being "selfish" isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes being selfish just means becoming a better you...and by being a better, happier you, you can then be better for everyone else, too. :)

    1. It was an important lesson to learn. Such a hard transition after years of believing it's always better to put others first. Thanks for the positive words!

  2. I love that mantra. It's so important to put yourself first sometimes- we deserve it!
    Love your new blog. <3

  3. What a great mantra, it's always necessary to be considerate to ourselves :)