Sunday, April 1, 2012

One Great Weekend

After my amazing first week of student teaching, I couldn't have asked for a better, more relaxing weekend full of all of my favorite things.

Saturday morning, I treated myself to my first cup of coffee all week. I know, right!? I'm the 3-or-4-cups-a-day kind of girl usually. But, I can't do that during the week because I can only go to the bathroom during specific periods. Coffee runs right through me, and I can't be leaving the classroom every 40 min to hit the lou. Sorry for the TMI.
The Nectar of the Gods
 After my coffee and a leisurely oatmeal breakfast, my roommate and a couple other friends and I went grocery shopping. This is an all morning event. First, we hit up the amazing Athens Farmer's Market. It's the biggest one in Southeastern Ohio, and we always spend a good chunk of time there.
Here's a shot from the summer. Always a highlight of the weekend.
I picked up some kale, spinach, Gold Rush apples, and parsnips- a new to me veggie that I can't wait to try!. Then we headed to a couple other grocery stores to get the rest of the goodies we needed for the week. Grocery shopping always turns into an all-morning trip, but I'm not complaining. It's one of my favorite activities!
This is what the fridge looked like after we arranged our loot. Four girls share this fridge, but somehow we always manage to make everything fit. I have the bottom right drawer/ shelf. I know my stuff takes up the most room, but we seem to have figured out a system where everyone has enough space.
 I used up what salad stuff I had left from the week, and opened up some much-needed space in the fridge. The result was a delicious lunch.
Romaine (thy were out of spinach last week), carrots, celery, tomatoes, cukes, avocado, black beans. Topped with balsamic and italian seasoning. Always accompanied by some kosher dills and my Tervis Tumbler (new! and totally obsessed) full of agua.
And because even lunch needs desert, an apple with PB.
 I did some much-needed cleaning and headed to the gym for a great sweat sesh. It was one of those days where I zone out and all of a sudden 45 min are gone and I'm a sweaty mess! It was fantastic.
45 on the eliptical (the clock is counting down, so I actually took this near the beginning of my workout), 20 of core, and a good amount of stretching. Perfect gym day.
 One of my best friends, Val, was celebrating her 21st Saturday night, and I knew it was going to be a crazy one. So, I made sure to get a good dinner in before.
Plate of roasties- onions, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, asparagus, and tofu- this much x2. I followed it up with some PB oats for dessert.
 It was a great night that included these chocolate-covered strawberry jello shots. I didn't partake in the jello, but I may have picked the chocolate off of a few to nibble on.
It was a great, fun night. Sometimes nothing is better than a night on the town with great girlfriends! Today, I am looking forward to doing a little shopping uptown- need some new OU gear now that we made it to the sweet 16!- and going to my friend's Zumba class tonight. A perfect Sunday.

Next week, since I get a second Spring Break, will be spent writing lesson plans and experimenting in the kitchen. This quarter is shaping up to be a great one!

Here's to keeping the positive momentum going!
~ Rach

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