Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break Double Take

The school where I am doing my student teaching has their spring break this week, so I am lucky enough to have a second week off in a month's time! Lucky, if you're focusing on a week of sleeping in, being productive, and not dealing with the hour commute each way. Not so lucky if you think about the valuabe experience time I am missing out on. It takes a week out of the total internship experience which could be a make-it-or-break-thing when it comes to looking for jobs in the next few months.

Either way, I have definitely enjoyed my first day off! I was extremely productive today, and some interesting things have come up.

First thing this morning, I was at the Student Health Center. Apparently, my body decided that 22 is the perfect age to become allergic to everything! I have always had fair skin, and I figured that all the sun I got over spring break was not going to make it happy, but my skin has turned into a raging, angry beast. Not only am I peeling from the sunburn, my entire torso has broken out in an allergic reaction to the new lotion I started using after SB (I'll spare you a picture). Talk about itchy mess! I guess that's even more evidence that the things we put on our bodies should be as pure and natural as possible.

Also, I have developed the stuffy, congested, pollen allergies that have always plagued my whole family forever. I was always the lucky exception. Well, not anymore! Great.

Despite not feeling fantastic, I managed to crank out some good preps today. I wrote a week's worth of lesson plans! I am getting pumped to start taking over the Spanish II classes next Monday!

I am a little worried, though. These lessons make up one "prep" for one class, and it took me nearly all day. As I explained when things are under way, I will have 4. I also won't have all day to do them because I will be in the classroom during the day. I am going to have to stay on top of my organization to stay ahead of the game and get everything done. I know I can do it, but it's going to take some real discipline.

After a sweaty, sweaty workout, I even had time to experiment in the kitchen tonight!
And, the photo is kind of blurry. Thank you, iPhone.
That may look like just another stir-fry bowl. But, think again! It's a curry stir-fry bowl! I have seriously been missing good Middle Eastern food here at school because we don't really have a good (and inexpensive) place to go get it. Also, my one roommate is hyper-sensitive to smells, and out of respect to her, I have refrained from the uber-stinky stuff.

But tonight, I just had to have it. I made my stir-fry as I normally would, but while it was cooking, I mixed together about 1/4 cup almond milk, 1 tsp Bragg's liquid aminos, and a heaping tbs of curry powder (I like it spicy). When the veggies/tofu were about done, I poured the mix on top and let some of the moisture cook off.

I had fully intended on making rice, but forgot until it was too late. Oats saved the day by providing a fast starch base for everything.

The outcome? Not too shabby! On my grading scale, I would give it solid B. It doesn't come close to a really, good curry, but it was tasty and easy. I'll take it!

The rest of this Spring Break Double Take week will be full of finishing Lesson Plans, getting organized, and going home on Thursday for Seder. I can't wait for Passover. Definitely my favorite holiday every year.

Here's to enjoying time off while I have it!
~ Rach


  1. I've never celebrated Passover before, but this weekend our friends from church are having a Seder meal and I'm excited to learn more about it. I've read all about Passover in scripture, but never actually experienced it. I'm excited to see it first hand! :)

    1. Seder is so full of tradition (both in customs and food)! I am so happy that you are giving it a try! You should definitely post about. I'm curious about how your friends will put it all together. I will do the same!

      P.S. cool name :)

  2. Sorry to hear about the burn and allergies....never a good time!

    At least that curry cauli looks and sounds awesome. I like the mixture of almond milk with Bragg's and curry powder (I'd add a little extra Cayenne to mine); I will try making this myself soon. There, now I can "steal" something!

    1. Thanks my skin is definitely not happy! And I'm always up for a little extra heat in curry- cayenne would be great!