Saturday, June 23, 2012

BIG changes

Yea some crazy things have been going on around here.

Take a guess:

Yep, that's all my shit (sorry, there really is no other word for all the crap) strewn across my parents' house.
Yep, and that's all my shit (well half of it) piled into a van.

Put two and two together... I moved out!

Into my very first, on-my-own, paying-for-it-with-my-own-paycheck (when I start teaching in the fall. Thanks Mom and Dad!), post-college-grad apartment! I am in love with the place my dad found for me. He really is incredible.

I would love to share photos, but honestly, the place is a mess. I had to escape to Starbucks for a few to get out of the clutter. It makes me crazy! But, give me a few days and I will have it under control for a tour!

This is going to be a super exciting and nerve-racking transition for me, and I am going to be sharing it all. I'm growing up. For real this time. Not like I thought I was when I left Mom and Dad's house to go to college four years ago. This is the real deal. With responsibilities. And expectations. And bills! It's a make it or break it, and I am up for the challenge. Rearing to go!

So, here's to settling in to being out of my comfort zone!
~ Rach

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