Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up 6/15-6/17

The funny thing about summer weekends is how they don't really feel like weekends at all. I go from having no schedule during the week to having no schedule on the weekend. Life's tough for a teacher on Summer Break!

The one difference is, now that I'm home with my parents for a few weeks, is that they are home. For my family, this is mostly great. Mostly.

Saturday was spent shopping for my first apartment (moving in 5 days!!!). I spent an obscene amount of money, and broke into tears twice. Luckily, my parents were there to put things into perspective for me. I will be fine. And when my job starts and the paychecks start rolling in August, I'll be more than fine.
Yea that was the total at Costco. Only the first stop. I think I had a conniption when the clerk said that. Biggest and Most exciting purchase: New TV. Look at that Baby! 

Saturday night, I tagged along with my parents as the went out to dinner with one of their couple friends- who just so happen to be my best friend's mom and her boyfriend. We hit up Aladinn's Eatery, which is actually a chain mediterranean restaurant. Fresh-made hummus and babaganoush? Talk about this vegan girl's dream.

We started with a bottle of whatever red wine was on special that night to split.  It was fine. I don't discriminate when it comes to wine. Especially when Mom and Dad are paying.
Next, we shared the vegetarian appetizer platter. Served with pita, and naturally, I requested hot sauce, which they make in house. Delicious. (not my photo)
Since I ate my body weight in pita, hummus, and baba, I opted for the spinach salad (minus the feta) as my entree. The dressing was a delightful lemon-herby vinaigrette. It was the perfect hot-as-hell summer meal.
Sunday, Father's Day, I was up at 5:30 for no reason, so I hit the gym before we headed out for a family breakfast. We kept with out every-holiday-that-involves-parents-including-their-birthdays tradition. My parents, broski, and his gf (who is family as far as we are concerned) met up at out favorite breakfast/brunch spot, First Watch. Not kidding, we go here for every occasion. So, we knew to get their early to beat the Dad's Day rush.
I got my usual: bowl of plain oatmeal to which I added half a scoop of vanilla Sun Warrior (more on my love affair with this stuff later) and some of their perfect coffee, and a bowl of fruit. The bro was the beneficiary of the entire banana that came on top of the oatmeal due to my banana- induced digestive issues.
All dad wanted to do on Father's Day was chill at home. By his definition "chill" means wash cars, do yard work, putz around in the basement. He is really incredible. For dinner, he had a simple request. Grill out. We grilled some delicious veggies, tilapia, and a beef skewer (the latter 2 for the 'rents). I whipped up a salad to go along with. All devoured on the back deck.
My plate: all the grilled veggies on top of the salad, hit with some hot sauce and balsamic (x2)
Dad's surn-n-turf plate. He was a happy camper.
I spent the rest of the evening curled up on the deck with Mr. Christian Grey. I am almost 200 pages into it, and I am still waiting to figure out all the hype. It's all a bit to "weird" for me, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, it was a pretty great, last weekend at my parents. The next one will be jam-packed with moving. Oy vey, not again.

Here we go!
~ Rach

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