Sunday, March 4, 2012


After a near perfect Thursday, I was ready and excited for an equally awesome weekend!

Eh, it turned out OK. Not bad, but not as overwhelmingly fantastic as Thursday. But, hey, I'll take it.

After a productive day of teaching, class, working out, and more class, I was pumped for a dinner date with  my friend, Val. Being in a small, college town, doesn't leave us very many options, but getting off campus for dinner as Ruby Tuesday was definitely a highlight of the weekend.

 Check out that feast! I went with the guacamole appetizer as my entree. You can't really see the guac in the pic but there was easily 2 avocados worth of made-to-order goodness. Our adorable waiter (I may or may not have left my number for him on the receipt, he was that cute) made my night by bringing me some sriracha to spice it up. I also got the salad bar for some additional veg and ended up scooping up most of the guac and salsa with veggies instead of the chips.

We laughed and joked and left the restaurant stuffed silly and super happy. Sometimes the best dates are simply your best friends. 

After dinner, I met up with my roommates for another night out on the town. Since Thursday was so great, I was expecting the same on Friday, but it just didn't deliver. I don't know if I was overly tired by that point, but I just wasn't feeling the bar scene that night, and I ended up home earlier than I expected.

As a result, I was not in the mood for another go at it on Saturday night. I enjoyed a quiet night home by myself. PJs. Good movies on TV. I was set.
 Dinner was a mug of veggie/oatie goodness on the couch. Exactly what the doctor ordered this girl needed. Again, I was in bed early. I am beginning to really like this new routine!

Breakfast today was a real treat. This week I did something I haven't done in months... bought bananas! I know, I know, doesn't seem that exciting. Believe me, it is. I used to say that bananas were my favorite food. I would eat at least 2 a day no problem. Then, I started experiencing some "digestive woes". I found my beloved bananas to be... ahem... binding. Not cool, guys. So, I pretty much eliminated them from my diet, and my issues stopped.

This weekend, though, I just had a hankering. I bit the bullet, and bought these 3 beauties. I'm hoping that if I keep it to about half a banana a day (mixed into my morning oatmeal, of course) I'll avoid the issues. It's a little experiment, I guess.
 They definitely made an appearance in my breakfast this morning. Along with some giant strawberries:
And entire palmful of goodness.

 Strawberry, banana, cinnamon/flax oats, topped with AB and enjoyed on the couch again along with coffee and water. You can see the cups on the floor by my feet. I should know better than to do this. Luckily only the water met it's spilled demise today. Much easier clean-up.
Oh bananas, how I have missed your perfectly sweet addition to my oats!

So, here's to enjoying the quiet and getting refreshed to kick some a$$ this last week of the quarter!!

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