Friday, March 2, 2012

Doing it Right

As I mentioned, yesterday was insanely busy.

But, I managed to get through it, and even have a little fun.

I think I went about things the right way. There was no way I was squeezing in a workout, and that's ok. Going to see my professor was way more beneficial and necessary. I also made sure that I ate well. Like really well. I created 3 scrumptious meals and had several snacks, too! I feel like I am finally starting to learn my body and listen to what it is asking for, and obviously, that all makes a difference on how I felt physically all day (and even today), improved my focus on that bogus math project, and kept me going. All day -and night- long.

Here's a look at it all:

You already saw my breakfast... on top of the infamous math project.
 Lunch was some microwave cooking at it's finest:
In the green mix: rainbow slaw and tofu steamed in the microondas, quinoa, spinach (mixed in to the hot stuff so it got a all wilty), avocado. All topped with some amazing chipotle salsa I got at the farmer's market a while back.
 A mid-afternoon snack:
A granny smith (I love sour apples!) sprinkled with cinnamon, accompanied by some almond butter. Picture taken halfway through, naturally, because who remembers to take pictures of something this delicious?
  And dinner:
Quinoa next to a stir fry that included cabbage, asparagus, broccoli, tofu, Bragg's liquid aminos, and lots of sriracha. I promise, the green stuff was in there, but I ate that first- before the pic- I always pick through and eat the green stuff first. Wish I knew why...
After my final meeting, dessert was in order:
Again, chocolate oats but better this time: 1/4 c oats cooked with 1/4 c vanilla soy milk and 1/4 water, two squares of uber dark chocolate swirled it. Mmmmm sooooo goooood!
 Because I had been so productive all day long, I had time to go grab a "chill beer" with my roommate at one of our favorite spots, Casa Nueva.
This beer was mighty tasty! So good, in fact that I had a couple. It's from Rivertown Brewery Company, a company from my hometown, and it was the perfect mix of flavorful while still being refreshing and light.  Casa Nueva is just the perfect atmosphere to hang out with my favorite girl, enjoy a good brew, and just chat.
 I think I deserve a pat on the back for Thursday. Productivity? Check. Good food? Done. Quality girl time? Finito. I need to make more days like this for myself!

This pic is actually from today, but I thought it just needed to be shared:
Yep, I actually wore that color combination to the gym. Like some sort of heinous, fluorescent rainbow vomited all over me. Sorry, I'm not sorry. I loved it! Definitely got a few comments from my friends at the gym, and my math professor told me I looked like springtime! Hey, I'll take it.

Here's to choosing to make everyday as great as yesterday was!
~ Rach


  1. Yum! Especially to breakfast. :) And ugh, I need to be more productive. You did such a good job!

    1. Thanks! Breakfast is my favorite meal every day. I just love oatmeal! And, I am definitely trying to keep the productivity ball rolling. Hopefully momentum will keep me going!

  2. LOVE your outfit for the gym!! I love all the bright colours, often do it myself hahaha

    1. Thanks! I don't do it on purpose, but it happens pretty often haha.