Monday, March 5, 2012

Exciting News!

I have some very exciting future-teacher news!!!

I got my placement for student teaching today!

I had been waiting for my placement coordinator and my advisor to work it out, and they finally confirmed the school I will be working out next quarter.

Because of my double major and the fact that I am working to get both licenses simultaneously, I was a bit of a nightmare to find a placement for (at least that is what I gathered from the emails I read between the coordinator and my advisor). They had to find both a Math and Spanish teacher, at the same school, who were both willing to give over the classroom (a lot of teachers are hesitant to do this at all), for only half a day for all of spring quarter. 

I have to say, I was worried they wouldn't make it work, and I would be stuck at school for an extra couple of months. But, they pulled it out for me, and I am confirmed!

I won't say which school it is in respect of both the teachers' and the students' privacy, but I have heard good things about both the teachers and the district. It's a new building (hello, air conditioning), which means they will hopefully have some newer technology for my to use and play around with.

The only problem... it's 45 minutes away. Meaning an hour and a half of commute time. Everyday. Talk about some serious gas money. If only I could multi-task and get paperwork done while I was driving. Ha, yea right.

I have to admit, chomping at the bit to get in the classroom! I feel like these classes I am stressing over right now (finals are next week) are a waste of time only serving to delay me getting to the field experience that is ultimately going to be uber-influential in my future success. But, alas, I must wait until March 27th to get there. Oh, the woes of an education student.

See, look how excited I am next to all those Math textbooks! Let me at 'em!
Here's to excitement about the future!
~ Rach

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