Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIAW Spring Break!

It's that time again, folks! Everyone's favorite blog party!
Thanks again to Jenn for hosting! I don't know what my Wednesdays would be like without her!

Last week, I was in Hilton Head with my besties. Although they did mostly communal meals, I decided to pack/take care of my own food so that they wouldn't have to make any alterations or special efforts for me. As I explained, it was harder than I expected. Still, I managed to get in some pretty good, veggie-filled, micro-cooked meals. Here's what I managed to document.

 Breakfasts look like this. Obviously, I toted my entire stash of oats withe me. Enjoyed in the morning sun on the back deck.
 Beach snacks/lunches look mostly like this: fruit, carrots, luna bars (they got all gooey and melty on the beach. even better). And tons of peanut butter sandwiches. Too many. I may be PB'ed out. Yea, right.
 Dinners were of the steamed veggie variety. With a frozen veggie burger. Mixed into black bean soup. On top of a sweet potato (it's under there, I promise).
 We had to hit up the classic Salty Dog, and it was here that I had the absolute best meal of the trip. Their homemade black bean burger (smothered in hot sauce and mustard, obviously) with a side of fruit and extra pickles. So satisfying. MMmmmm.
 The one coffee I had over the whole week. It was heaven.
And, of course, afternoon cocktails from the Frosty Frog shared with my roomie-love Allie.

Quick post, but I'm exhausted. I had my first day of Student Teaching today! Recap to come later.

Here's to getting in those greens!
~ Rach


  1. Looks like you and your besties had a fun time filled with good food! :)
    I hope you had a great day of student teaching!

    1. Thanks! And I did! I'll post a recap soon. My schedule is crazy busy and I just haven't had the time yet!

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