Friday, March 9, 2012

Fashion Friday

This quarter, my roommate Allie and I decided to make an effort to actually get dressed everyday for class. Like many busy college students who don't usually have the time, energy or money to care what we look like,  we both often wore sweats and tshirts or our workout gear to class and meetings. Yea, not so adult and professional of us.

Since winter is so dreary here, we thought that "getting cute" in the morning would help us stave off that inevitable seasonal depression that hits every year. Fortunately, this winter has been mild, and there have been way more nice days than any winter I can remember.

Still, it was nice to make a little time for myself every morning to do a little primping. I just feel better about myself all day when I feel like I look nice. I think it even helps me stay motivated and productive. Am I the only one who thinks this? I know my roommate agrees, but she and I are kind of the same person.

This past week, I took the time to photo most of what I wore, and I figured I might as well share it here. Seeing how someone presents themselves is a great way to get a little insight on who they are.

So, here's Rach in a week through clothes.

 Monday- This is "I'm spending all afternoon in the library" style. Leggings, long sweater. But my hair and make-up are done, and these aren't athletic leggings, so it counts.
 Tuesday- We could call this "teacher-chic". That's what my roommates call me when I wear cardigans. Loving the details in this one.
 Wednesday- It was super warm out, so I broke out my favorite sandals. Wednesday was also Green Beer Day, which meant an early night out. I love not getting all dressed up to go out. Jeans and tshirt any day.
Friday- Pretty quintessential "me" outfit. Skinnies, boots, scarf.

Me and the roomies looking hot for a night out. Even though we may love our jeans/leggings, we still know how to clean up nice.

Here's to a great weekend ahead!!!
~ Rach

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