Thursday, March 1, 2012

Busy Day Ahead

This morning I woke up a full hour and fifteen minutes before my alarm.

I had been dreaming about the Abstract Algebra project that I have been working on all week. It's haunting me- in real life and in my dreams! The same one that, last night, I realized I had done backwards. D@mn you, non-commutative multiplication!
Some of my work. Yea, those are letters. Remember when math actually included numbers? Yea, me either. 
It's been on my mind since then. I waiver between being confident I did it right this time and second guessing myself again. If I did it wrong the first time, who's to say I didn't do it wrong again?

So, I have decided to skip my workout (again, oh the horror!) to go to my professor's office hours and have him look at it. He likes that I participate in class, and he's a native Spanish-speaker, so we bond over that too. I think he will be happy to check over my work... At least, that's what I'm hoping.

Along with a skipped trip to the gym, this means that I am jam-packed busy from 10am-9pm. From class to meetings to clubs, I have a lot on my metaphorical plate today. I really want to make sure that my actual plate is full also. I need to make sure that I am eating enough at the right times to get me through everything today without a growling stomach. I'm not going to restrict just because I'm not working out today. It's also a goal to eat right throughout the day so that the insatiable nighttime snacking that has been occurring lately doesn't hit me when I finally do make it home tonight. I guess I'm turning today into a little nutritional experiment. I'll report on my findings. Should be fun!

Starting the day of right with some breakfast:
Oats and coffee (and water) on top of some more of those Group Theory notes. I think a little food spillage would add a nice quality to my work, don't you?
Here's to making decisions and giving my body what it needs!
- Rach

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