Tuesday, February 28, 2012


How is it Wednesday already?

 Is it just me, or is this week flying by! Not that I'm complaining. The sooner the weekend gets here the better.

So far, this week has been a great one. I am feeling good, in a great mood, and actually enjoying my classes. How often do you hear a student say that? Hopefully my future students will feel that way everyday. Haha, yea right. Especially with high schoolers. Eh, a girl can dream.

Well, we all know what Wednesday means... the best blog part of the week!
Thanks, again, to Jenn for hosting my favorite distraction!
This is how Tuesday looked. A busy, busy day, full of great things.

I don't have class until 11:00 so I let myself wake up naturally, which was, of course at 8:00am. But, I woke up hungry and ready for my perfect breakfast.

8:30 Breakfast:
The classic: oats (always in a mug) with apples , strawberries, and cinnamon all topped with almond butter. Washed down with my giant mug of coffee. Served on top of my Spanish Linguistics book because, obviously, it's the perfect serving tray.
After my 11-12:00 class, I scurried over to the rec center and did a sweaty cardio sesh followed by some stretching. It felt so good. Switching up my workout routine has really been working for me.

I finished around one, and after the walk home (super sweaty, through the crowded student center in the busiest part of the day. Sorry I'm not sorry, for being the sweaty girl) I had about 40 min to shower, get myself decent-looking, make lunch, and shovel it into my face before head out to my next class.
Mission Accomplished
Simple outfit today, but at least I did my hair. That's saying something considering the time crunch. To dress it up, I followed one of my classic style rules: When in doubt, add a scarf. My collection is almost disgusting, but they're my favorite, cozy accessory. This one, I bought on my trip to Granada, Spain, and it's one of my faves.
 Along with making myself presentable, I managed a delicious and satisfying lunch (1:40ish)
Rand-oh veggies steamed in the micro (carrots, celery, broc slaw) on a bed of spinach with some wild rice and the last of a jar of salsa. All mixed up and eaten in about 6 min. I did manage to taste some, though, and it was mighty tasty.
 After 3 grueling hours of class (if going on a geocaching scavenger hunt in tech class can be called grueling) I headed home to start dinner.

Dinner (6:00)
A bunch of roasties: sweet potato, cabbage, asparagus, broccoli, onions, and tofu. Accompanied by sriracha-spiked tomato sauce. I actually at about 3x this, but didn't remember to take the pic until about I had already begun to dig in.

Obviously, I couldn't finish off the night without something to satisfy my sweet tooth. Especially after the ridiculous amount of time I spent in the library slaving over mastering some Abstract Algebra/ kicking ass! Cue chocolate oats. Topped with some PB of course. 
I also munched on about a half a dozen clementines (no joke) and a couple handfuls of pretzels throughout the day.

Here's to having a great, busy day when you least expect it!
~ Rach


  1. chocolate oats? How have I not heard of this before..??

    1. Oh, try it! They are awesome! I just do oats, unsweetened cocoa powder, and some stevia (my roommate likes to just melt chocolate chips into her oatmeal). It's like a warm gooey, double chocolate cookie!

  2. I am Obsessed with scarves! Love them! Happy WIAW!

    1. In my book, they're a girl's best friend! Happy WIAW to you too!

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  4. I love you big coffee mug. What does it say on it?
    I'm pretty sure clementines are somehow related to crack because once you start eating them you end up going through the whole crate of them in like two days. Soo good though.

    1. Yea, that mug is like magic. It says "With the right shoes and enough coffee, I could rule the world". My roommate who got it for me know me so well!