Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oatmeal in the Morning, Oatmeal in the Evening....

Happy February, Friends!!!

I hope everyone is entering the new month in good spirits! The weather was absolutely gorgeous today! Mid-60s. Sunny. Smelled like spring. Does anyone else think that the seasons smell different?

So, recently, I have been doing some maj-oh nighttime snacking. After dinner, my tummy is happy and full, but about an hour and half or so later, I become the world's largest munchie-monster. When the snack attack hits, it usually involves a spoon and a jar of peanut butter. Although, I am all about the ooey-gooey,  healthy fats of my peanut butter, I'm bummed because the jars aren't lasting as long as I would hope they would.

Also, I hate the feeling of being hungry and mindless snacking so late in the evening.

I have this theory that my dinners aren't calorie dense enough. I think I need to really make sure that I am getting all that I need earlier in the night so that I am not scavenging in the kitchen right before bed. I have hard time sleeping on a heavy stomach.

Solution: OPERATION bulk up my dinner.

Generally, dinner consists of protein (either tofu or tempeh) or a starch (brown rice, quinoa, or a sweet potato) and tons of veggies. I rarely have the protein with a starch. It's probably definitely a remnant of my disordered days. As I realized recently, they are closer than I realize. And now that I am truly committing myself to recovery, I know that this type of dinner isn't balanced or what my body needs.

Tonight, I took a step into bulking up my dinner. I decided to incorporate a whole grain, protein, and veggies into one bowl. Novel concept, I know. and I have to say, it was A.MAZ.ING. Check this out.
As my whole-grain base, I cooked up some of my oats with garlic salt and lots of Italian seasoning. I tried some of them right out of the microondas and holy-DELICIOSO! Like polenta, only with that nutty-oatie-yumminess.
Topped with some sauteed shrooms, cabbage, tempeh, and tomtoes. I really hat about 3xs what you see here. I wanted to attempt a pretty picture for you all. With my iPhone camera. Eh it was the best I could do.
This. was. beyond. Like so good! I loved the creaminess that the oats dded and it really did feel like a more satisfying meal. Don't worry, though. The spoon still made an appearance in the jar of peanut butter, but I didn't feel the need to eat half my jar. I'll hopefully be able to hold onto this jar a little longer. My wallet will thank me.

I think it is going to be my new February goal to make sure my dinners are hefty and well-balanced every night. This should, obviously, be a given, but when breaking out of disordered thought patterns, it isn't always so clear. How I am feeling physically right now, after a better dinner, proves that it is necessary. 

Who knows what random concoction I will come up with tomorrow, but I'm excited to experiment!

Health and Happiness,
~ Rach

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  1. ugh, i hate when i get the munchies after dinner. i often find i just need to add more bulk to my dinner creation (like you...) else i eat a bunch of unhealthy crap. savory oats sound like a great solution!