Saturday, February 11, 2012

I regressed a little this week. In age, I mean. I am generally a pretty youthful person, and I often get mistaken for a high-school student... even though I am 22 and almost done with college? Whatever.

But this week, I had a true "little kid" moment on Monday when I had this random desire for some quality Mom-time. I hadn't seen my mom since New Year's and, frankly, I just missed her. So, I called her up and we made plans to meet today in Columbus for some shopping time. Dad decided to tag along, too! It was a great day with the 'rents. Sometimes, you just need to see family and let them baby you a little.

Breakfast was a mug of oats with blackberries, topped with peanut butter... and some saltines to try and cure the too-much-fun feeling from last night.
More remedies for that feeling?
Happy Valentine's Day from Starbucks.
 The mission for the shopping trip: teacher clothes. I start student teaching in about a month, and I had a grand total of one pair of nice pants. That won't fly. Luckily, "teacher professional" is a little more laid back that business professional, so I have a little more freedom with my wardrobe. But, like I said, I hear often that I look like a high school-er, so I have to dress professionally enough to separate myself from my students and maintain authority. The most exciting purchase of the day:
Ohhhh yea, that is a hot pink blazer!

The last stop of the day was a quick run through TJ's for some goodies I can't find at school. And, after the 1.5 hour drive back to school, those goodies made my dinner.
TJ's minestrone soup, and mini pita's with the hummus quartet. Followed by several PB spoons.

 I started out this morning feeling physically awful. It's my fault, but sorry, I'm not sorry. Last night was a blast. After seeing my parents, I feel so refreshed! Leave it to family to give me just the boost I need to power through the last half of the quarter.

Here's to staying connected with those that matter most.
~ Rach

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