Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday "Muse"day

I don't have any specific topic to ramble about today. But, I do have a couple of random musings from the past couple of days. Why not share them here?

1. For the first time ever, Trader Joe's has let me down. 
I generally love all of TJ's products, and that I don't have to go bankrupt to stock up on them. When I saw this jar of Sunflower Seed Butter during my last visit, I was uber-excited to give it a go. Nut butter is my "crack", after all, and I have really enjoyed the sunflower seed butter I have had in the past.
This guy, though, not so much. I cracked it open, gave it a stir, and eagerly took a finger full. And, it was mediocre at best. The texture was weird and kind of gummy, and the sunflower seed flavor was barely noticeable behind a cloying sweetness. I turned over the jar and discovered this:
Yep, there it is. At the bottom, second ingredient: evaporated cane juice. HOw could I not have noticed it was sweetened before I bought it? Sweet nutbutter just doesn't do it for me. I feel like the seeds are sweet enough. Next time, nuts/seeds only. And maybe a little salt.

Luckily my roommate, Rebecca, digs it. All yours, lady.

2. I'm loving my outfit today.
Classic hallway-mirror-iPhone pic
I had extra time between the gym and my first class today (gotta love not starting till 11:00), so I took the time to make myself cute. Granted, I am still wearing leggings, but it still feels good to actually put some effort into the way you look sometimes. Actually, I have really been trying to do this more. It just makes me feel good.

I passed the Math Content Praxis 2 exam!!! I talked about taking it here, and I found out my scores this morning. I definitely didn't blow in out of the water, but I passed, and that's all that counts! Done and done.

Now, I'm just waiting on the results of my Spanish Written Proficiency Test that I took last week, and I still have to take my Oral Proficiency Interview, but It is safe to say that I am about 66.6667% of the way done with all the standardized tests I have to take for my degrees. May, it's feeling good.

This week has started off a little rocky, mostly in clumsy and comedic ways, but it's looking up! Here's to keeping the positivity ball rolling!

- Rach

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