Friday, February 10, 2012

The Perfect Friday

Today started out a little rough. By rough, I mean my alarm didn't go off, I spilled a huge cup of water all over the floor in my room, and backed into a pole trying to pull out of the impossible parking lot outside my apartment building.

Yet, somehow, it turned itself around, and I am sitting here laughing with my roommate, thinking about how utterly perfect today has been. 

First, I taught my fourth graders this morning. As part of FLES (Foreign Language in Elementary Schools), I have been paired with a fourth grade class at a local elementary school. I go every Friday morning to teach a 30 minute lesson on basic Spanish vocabulary and grammar.

They always make my day! It's almost painful to roll out of bed and get myself there on a Friday morning, but I always leave feeling energized and fulfilled. The kids are always so excited to see me, and they respond so well to my lessons. I am always blown away by the amount the retain from week to week. This week I had them speaking complete Spanish sentences about what kinds of foods they like to eat.

As a reward for being so AWESOME, I brought them in some little treats.
Spanish Valentines for El Día de San Valentín! They were so excited and took turns reading the Spanish phrases out loud.

I got a treat as I was leaving too. My cooperating teacher (so the fourth grade teacher I work with) gave me a little note thanking me for doing such a great job and taking them above the basics. It was such a nice surprise. I feel like teachers don't always get the gratitude that they deserve for how hard they work everyday. My heart soared to hear such nice things from a fellow teacher so early in my career. I can't wait to see them next week. We're doing weather expressions, I think!

FLES was followed by class (where I kicked my quiz's a$$), a sweaty gym sesh (including my friend Brit's awesome Zumba class), and another class (which is an impossibly-hard math class that I actually enjoy? What's that about?).

I went home to create this masterpeice:
My latest, favorite monstruo de ensalada: spinach, tomatoes, carrots, half an avocado, marinated artichoke hearts, Italian seasoning, balsamic, and nooch. So delicious!

Tonight should be great. My friends and I are going to get fancy beers at one of my favorite bars down here, Jackie O's, to celebrate my passing the Praxis!! It will definitely be a good time.

Here's to celebrating the small things that makes everyday a great one!
~ Rach

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