Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Random Gym Day

Happy Wednesday!!!

For me, that means no classes. For whatever reason, at my college Spanish and Math classes both follow and Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday schedule. Since those are my two content areas, I usually get away with packing all of my classes onto those four days and getting a little mini-weekend on Wednesdays. This is one of those quarters because I am not taking any education classes, which follow the usual Mon/Wed or Tue/Thur schedule.

Usually on Wednesdays, I keep my normal workout routine: getting up at the a$$ crack of dawn to be one of the first crazies at the rec center so that I can be home, showered, breakfast-ed, and ready to hit my favorite coffee shop for cranking out some work by 10ish. I always get tons of work done on Wednesdays. Definitely the best part of the mid-week break.

This morning, though, I could not peel myself out of my bed. I mean look at this thing:
Under that beautiful quilt (made by my incredibly talented mother) is a down comforter and flannel sheets. Add in cuddling with my teddy bear, Elvis, (yes, his name is Elvis, and yes, I am 22 years old) and it is maybe the most comfortable place in the world. It was below 20* outside this morning. My room was freezing. I was tiiiiired. The gym was not happening.

Totally fine, I just headed to do work at my coffee shop a little earlier, and went to the gym in the early afternoon before the rec gets crowded with all the gym bunnies who go after their classes.

I got to the gym around 12:30, and it was still beyond cold outside. Of course, I'm always cold. No joke: always. Winters are rough. See, I have what's called Reynaud's Syndrome, a circulatory problem in which I lose feeling in my fingers and toes when the temperature gets too low. It's not an issue, really. Just a little uncomfortable. Evidence of my poor little fingers when before my workout.
See how white the ring finger is compared to my pink little piggies. Yea, there's no circulation going on in there. It always starts in my ring fingers and seems to spread to the others. It freaks people out which is kind of funny sometimes.
Usually, I run my hand under warm water and massage the finger until feeling comes back, but I didn't really have that option in the cardio-loft at the rec center. So, I let the cardio, heart pumping do the work for me.

I had a great, sweaty workout! I do like to start the day with an early-morning workout, but sometimes it feels better to do it later in the day. I have no idea why, but I'm not complaining either way. It was delightful.

I followed it up with some stretching, and as I was sitting a little more twisted up than usual, I noticed how ridiculous I must have looked in my color combo for the day:
Yep, you see that right. Bright orange shorts, purple shirt, blue and pink Nike's.
What was I thinking when I was getting dressed? Oh, probably that my shirt was already kind of dirty so it wouldn't hurt to get it all sweaty. And, that I absolutely had to wear my new tempo shorts! I love new workout clothes. It always makes getting to the gym a little easier when I feel extra snazzy in my new digs.

So, today's gym adventure was full of random happenings. This seems to happen to me pretty regularly in different activities. My brother always tells me that I over think things. I like to think that I revel in the small comedies of my day.

Here's to laughing at ourselves!
~ Rach

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