Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Happy Hump-Day, folks! 

You know what that means,
It's What I Ate Wednesday! from Jenn over at Peas and Crayons. My favorite mid-week distraction that happens to fall on my weekly day of no classes. Let's hope I can control myself this week, though. Girl's got shit to do!

Here's what Tuesday looked like through shots of my food.

8:00a Gym
Even though I have been working out later in the day lately, I went before breakfast this morning. I was awake. I had 3 hours to kill before class. Thought I might as well.

9:30a Breakfast
The coffee shop in front of my apartment building was giving away free coffees this morning for some event sponsored by CoffeeMate, so I made sure to grab one on my way back from the gym.
I know, another bowl of oats eaten at my desk. But this one was extra special because of the addition of half a banana (the experiment is going well!) and a topping of the first scoop of a brand new jar of PB. There is nothing like the goopy first spoon full. Runny delights for my taste buds.
1:00p Lunch
Made it through my first 2 classes and a meeting with one of my favorite Profs. Came home to make this beauty- another meal eaten at my desk: we'll call it my version of a working lunch.
Monstuo de ensalada: Spinach, carrots, celery, cukes, avocado, broc slaw, chick peas. Balsamic and nooch on top. Eaten at turbo speed.
And, because even lunch needs dessert:
A microwave-baked apple: slice it thin, top with cinnamon, and zap for 2 min.
4:00p Snack
Eaten as stealthily as possible during class. Ahhh, who am I kidding, there was no courtesy-effort made. 
 6:30p Dinner
Before running off to my evening of meetings. Why must all of my clubs/student organizations insist on having their meetings on the same night?
Sauted onions, mushrooms, kale, and tofu with yesterday's kabocha and some whole wheat pasta mixed in.
This was utterly scrumptious, and I was proud of myself for this one. Pasta has been a fear food of mine for years. I would binge on it, and those empty carbs? Obviously let to immediate 10-pound gains. Well, not tonight, ladies and gents, a enjoyed every bite of those noodles without letting those thoughts in once! Pat on the back for me.

Dessert was an unpictured square of dark chocolate topped in more of that gooey PB. Some cereal snackage will definitely be happening after those meetings.

Here's to a day of good GREEN food!
~ Rach


  1. I am soo with you on the pasta fear food thing... way to overcome that with this meal! And it looks wonderfully tasty as well :)

    1. Thanks! It was pretty delicious... there might even be a repeat of it tonight!

  2. i love a microwaved apple with cinnamon. if you need it to be more filling, a drizzle of almond butter works great too! and even a sprinkle of raw oats makes you think you are eating apple pie!

    1. Oh I have definitely done that before too! Yummmm