Monday, March 12, 2012

Quick Trip Home

Last week, I randomly decided that I needed a night back at home this weekend. That would have all been dandy if I didn't already have plans Saturday night and all day Sunday. But, I was determined and made the quickest trip home ever. In 24 hours, I drove for six, slept for six, and hung out with the fam for 12.

Although it was rushed and I wished I could have stayed longer, it was just what I needed. A little time with loved ones was the perfect thing to refresh me and get me ready for the hell that is exam week this week.

The visit started off meeting Dad at the Carrabba's where Bro works. It's on my way into town, and Dad was out working, so it made sense to just meet there. The Bro always takes care of me, and made sure the kitchen made me a perfect vegan feast.
The remains of my Fiorucci salad without cheese and a side of sauted zucchini and tomato sauce. Soooo tasty along with about an entire loaf of their warm, bread.
 After dinner, Dad and I headed over to Bro's house to spend a little time playing with this monster before Bro got off work. Meet Jolene. The most exciting member of the family. She's a terror, but might be the best dog ever.
 When I finally got to my house around midnight, I was welcomed with this mess in my old room. You know you are grown up when your parents start using your room as storage. At least they cleared of the bed for me.
 Breakfast the next day was courtesy of my parents kitchen. The only thing better than oats for break fast is oats/berries/PB on your parents tab. I wasn't thinking and made less than I normally do, so the bowl was refilled with some old-school cheerios and soy milk.
 After breakfast, my dad took me to a new coffee shop, Bilog, that just opened in my little home town. It's hard to believe, but this is the only coffee spot in the whole town. It was something we definitely needed, and I was pleasantly surprised by it.
 I loved the modern decor. It had a chill vibe, and was nice and open and clean. They offer a great variety of single-source coffees and some little-bite style lunch options as well as baked goods. Dad and I kept is simple with some coffees enjoyed by the window.
 Dad wanted to portray the thoughtful look in this one. And the coffee? Yummo! No creamer necessary. I love times like this with my dad. The discussions we have take every twist and turn you could imagine, and he always leaves me with some amazing little nuggets of insight. (more on that later).

We picked Mom up from the airport, and headed back to Bro's for some take-out lunch. The restaurant they picked didn't leave me with many options, so I had a pretty lack-luster salad topped with mustard and a few of Mom's sweet potato fries.
Luckily, the Parents kitchen was stocked for me to pick through when I got home. And that was it. I headed back to Athens 24 hours after I left. But, the travel time and gas money were absolutely worth it.
Ready to take on these exams now!

Here's to appreciating the simple, unconditional love of family.
~ Rach

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