Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baking Sorta' Success

I had one of those random moments today where I just wanted to bake. Yes, I could (and probably should) have been studying for finals or working on my lesson for tomorrow or napping, but my heart wanted to spend my downtime in the kitchen.

Now, I will never claim to be an all-star baker but I stumbled upon this recipe for Genius Blondies over at Chocolate Covered Katie, and I was intrigued. I've always loved using beans in baked goods, especially black bean brownies, but a blondie without flour? Interesting, very interesting.

I tried to follow her recipe pretty closely since I know my baking defeats have come as a result of my inability to do so. She noted that the peanut butter could be subbed for another fat, and since I only have about 1/4 cup left which is, obviously, reserved for my morning oats, I used an avocado instead. I think it worked out pretty well keeping things light. I was hoping it would turn them green, but alas, no fun colors were reached. I also subbed the choco chips with a bunch of cinnamon since I didn't have any chips and I freaking love cinnamon.
 Ingredients ready to go. Yep, there's flour there. Totally forgot about the no-flour part of the recipe. It was super easy to throw together. Just buzz the whole lot in the food processor and smush it in the pan.
 Didn't have the right size pan either. But the batter (can you call it that with no flour?) was super thick, so this worked just fine.
 Fresh out of the oven, so far so good.
 When I sliced into it, though, I got a little nervous. The texture was unexpected, and I was worried. First bite, though, and I was intrigued. It's definitely more of a fudge-y texture than a blondie, but it was nicely sweet and I loved the addition of the cinnamon.

My roommates taste-tested them too, and they really liked them! They make fun of my terrible vegan baking, so it was exciting that they actually enjoyed these. I don't think they'll be hanging around too long on our counter! I decided on a grade of B for these. I think chocolate chips may have made them perfect.
A topping of peanut butter makes everything even better. (Please excuse the horrible nails. I don't even know how it's possible that it chipped like that)

Here's to wasting time with unnecessary fun stuff!
~ Rach

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