Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lesson Plan: Single Girl's Lasagna

One of the things I love about living on my own is having total control over the kitchen. No awkward tango with roommates (who I love and miss dearly) in the tiny apartment kitchen. No changing what I'm making for a hulking (now ex)boyfriend that hates mushrooms.

It's all about me and what I am craving at that moment. Although it makes me feel a little bit selfish saying it, it's awesome. Sorry, I'm not sorry.

Cooking for one can be tricky though. Certain dishes are more appropriately prepared for a crowd. Like, lasagna, for instance. But, in this past year of being super-single, as I like to call myself, I have a couple of tricks that help me taper these recipes down to a perfect single-girl size.

So, without further ado, today's lesson, class, is lasagna. Single girl-style.
Lesson: Single Girl's Lasagna (makes 2 servings)
                (vegan, gluten-free, low fat, low cal, budget friendly; see accommodations section for suggested   
Necessary Materials:

  •  one small eggplant
  • 1 zucchini
  • 1/3 bolck of extra firm tofu
  • ~cup jarred tomato sauce (I used Classico Tomato and Basil. Use your favorite)
  • garlic powder, italian seasoning, red pepper flake
  • 2 ramekins
  • mandoline slicer or sharp knife
1) Wash veggies, peel eggplant and use mandoline to slice them into thin slices.
    If you don't have a madoline, used a sharp knife to slice the veggies into ~1/8 in slices.
 2) Slice tofu into 6 thin slices and press between paper towels.
 3) Layer.
      Starting with a bit of sauce, begin layering the ingredients. I did sauce, zucchini, sauce, egglant, sauce, crumbled tofu, etc. I like sauce.

 On top of the tofu, sprinkle the seasonings.
 Finish the layering with a layer of sauce.
 4) Bake at 350 for about 40 min.
    I baked mine in my little convection/toaster oven , but a conventional oven would work also.
 5) Top with nooch, and enjoy!

- If you are a meat/cheese eater, you could replace the tofu layer with a couple of your favorite stuffed ravioli.
    I used to do this for my ex-boyfriend, and he loved it. It's an easy way to add in the pasta and cheese      
    or meat with out having to cook the noodles. Ravioli layer really well, too!
- Also, add in layers of cheese (vegan mozz or dairy cheese if you want).
     I would have loved to add some daiya mozz, but I didn't have any, and on my budget, it wasn't 
     really an option.
- Add in whatever veg you have on hand.
     Thin sliced mushrooms would have been a great addition.
     I think this recipe was a great success! It was a lightened-up-for-summer version of the Italian comfort food I was craving. I have also recently developed a dislike for eggplant (it's a texture thing), and with this one, I was able to not waste it and disguise it in a tasty tomato-basil sauce costume. The best part, it made 2 perfectly-sized portions for dinner tonight and leftovers for tomorrow. It reheated beautifully.
       Overall, I give this one a solid A!

On another note, I am spending the next 4 days babysitting hanging out with my Rabbi's (who is also a close family friend) 13-year-old son while the parents are out of town. Someone tell me, what am I supposed to do with this kid! Hopefully we can hit up a Red's game and the pool. Eh, at least it's some solid money to get me through the rest of the summer.

Here's to embracing single-girl life, and making the best of doing what's best for me more a change!
~ Rach


  1. I love the recipe. It looks delicious.

    I think he would like anything with an arcade, going to the movies, or even the park.

  2. This looks so good! And it's great that you made something lovely just for you! Don't feel guilty about taking care of yourself. Likely there will be plenty of time in your life when you are taking care of others! Enjoy your single time now. :)

  3. This looks great! I'm not a single gal, but my husband doesn't appreciate vegan eggplant/zucchini like I do! I will have to make it for myself some afternoon. : )