Friday, August 3, 2012

Mini Vacay

This weekend past Wednesday and Thursday, I took my first mini-trip of the summer. Big elaborate vacations are a thing of the past, and I am stretching my money this summer by taking 2 little trips to see friends from college.

This first was to the exciting city of Cleveland. I know, very exotic.

It was a blast, though!

Wednesday... CEDAR POINT!!

hearty breakfast and road sustenance
There it is! I hadn't been there for maybe 10 years!

Ash (our host) and Erin
excuse the super shiny, in line shot. the crew: Erin, me, Allie, and Ash
dinner was at Applebee's. Yes, that is Chipotle, which I brought in to Applebee's. Classy. Note to self, Applebee's is about as vegan-friendly as a hog roast.
 Thursday... Great Lakes Brewery!!! This one had been on my list for a while.
Allie and Ash ready for some amazing brews!
So glad Val could join us!!!
 Naturally, we started out with a flight. Had to sample all the offerings, and they were all mighty tasty.

 We split an order of the pretzels...
 And I ordered their vegan burger (yes, that's what it was called on the menu), minus the bun, add pub fries and extra pickle. Heaven on a plate.

Cheers! I went with "rye of the tiger". Delicious!
Overall, it was an amazing couple of days, and pretty cost effective since we were staying at Ashley's house. I am so glad I could not only knock a couple Ohio sites off my bucket list, but see some ladies that I hadn't seen since graduation. I can only hope that we do this kind of thing pretty regularly. Gotta stay connected!!

Here's to enjoying the summer... while it's still around!
~ Rach

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