Monday, August 6, 2012

Getting Real

Well, sh!t's gettin real in first-year-teacher world!

It seems with every step in this process, I get overwhelmed and begin questioning myself all over again.

First, student teaching. Then, the Praxises (Praxi?). Then, the OPI and WPT (the speaking and writing Spanish exams). Then, the interview process. Then, signing the contract. Then, starting curriculum planning...

Now, getting into my classroom!

I went to the school today for the official tour and some info about upcoming events and... drumroll, please... the keys to my room!

This is it from the door. As you can tell by the chalkboards, it's an older school, but the front wall is all whiteboards and that is a projector hanging from the ceiling, so that's a plus. I also love that the whole back wall is windows. They will come in handy during the hotter months since my room is in the part of the building without air conditioning.
This board by the door is where I plan on putting a monthly calendar, bienvenidos sign, hall passes, and bellwork sheets. 
Hung my alfabeto strip that my cooperating teacher donated above the far side board, and I plan on hanging a bunch of posters and art on some paper covering the board. I have a deep hatred for chalk and chalkboards, so I won't really miss it, and it's not in a convenient place to write on anyway since students will be sitting right next to it.
The front board that will actually get some usage.
Other side of the room. Not sure if both of those tables will be staying or not.

Definitely have some work to do getting it organized and "cutified" (?) how I want it, but I am so happy to have my own room to run how ever I want.

The previous teacher also left me all of his materials for each unit. Seriously, all of them. This is also a little overwhelming, too, because I have to sort through everything and see what I want to use.

Oy vey, I have a lot of work ahead of me. A whole lifetime's worth! I guess this is what it means to have a career.

So this is the before. Stay tuned for the after shot!

Here's to getting ready and getting set!
~ Rach

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