Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WIAW busy day

Considering how leisurely my summer has been going, today was quite the busy day. With school starting so soon, things are really picking up, and I'm getting excited! And nervous and overwhelmed and anxious...

but mostly excited!

So check it. While I still have the time!

Thanks, Jenn, for the highlight of my week!
7:00 alarm goes off. 
Kind of early, but no biggie, I had been up for a while. I having trouble sleeping lately, and I have no idea why. Boo.

Morning started with some hot lemon water and blog reading while I waited for the water to work it's magic. TMI? 
 This was followed soon after with Breakfast (7:30ish): apple, protein frosting/dip, Ezekiel sprinkled with a little natural sugar and cinnamon pre-toasting. Yummy

After digesting, I headed out for my workout (8:30ish)
just over 4 miles in  ~47 min- I've been doing intervals running 10min, walking, run 10 min etc
then I did some oblique/ab workout I found somewhere. sorry I don't remember

Enter shower, random compulsive cleaning, list making, and dressing, and I was off!

With my snack in hand: 
 Smoothie consumed en route too...

A teacher's mecca! So many supplies and posters and manipulatives and resouces!

Unless, you're a spanish teacher. Then, this is all you get.

My one measly end cap. I did get a few books of stickers and some stamps. And I also got some board trim, but it was a bummer to see how small of a section my content has. Oh, well it just means I had to get craft!

I totally flaked on getting a pic of my lunch, but this bad boy salad was incredible. And, it included avocado, happy eggs, and tofu. Two sources of both healthy fat and protein in one bowl!? Who is this girl!

Lunch desert was mighty tasty too: Ezekiel tortilla with PB and strawberries.

After some vacuuming and poster creating, afternoon snack.

Too many handfuls of these awesome spiced pumpkin seeds, and a lentil rice veggie burger. My appetite was weird today.

 Oh just some proof that actual work was done today.

And then, Dinner
 Soba noodle bowl covered in sauteed broccoli, zucchini, and tofu.

And, naturally, dessert
Classic cocoa oats topped with PB.

Tomorrow is going to be filled with some major classroom decorating and organizing! Can't wait to make that place feel like my own!

~ Rach


  1. Oh everything looks and sounds so good!! I just don't know how people can go to bed without some sort of after dinner dessert :)

    1. Agreed. I don't think it is physically possible. Those people must be aliens or something :)

  2. Didn't realise you were teaching spanish - at secondary? That noodle bowl and dessert look yummy!

    1. Yep- Spanish I and II, so mostly high school freshmen. It's coming so soon! I hope I'm ready